Crystal Vision

Automation and control systems for industry, agriculture and research

Sorting that makes the difference

Sorting agricultural produce by quality is increasing, at the same time that the cost of labor required for this work is rising.

The relative advantage of an individual farmer depends on his ability to meet the requirements of the government and of the market for quality control. As these demands increase, so does the advantageof the farmer who is able to sort his produce accurately, quickly, and inexpensively. Crystal Vision, a company of Kibbutz Samar, has developed a program using computer vision and artificial intelligence to sort by quality and size. Today this system is used commercially to sort dates, radishes, and abalone.

  1. Each unit is photographed 30 times a second.
  2. The system can analyze up to 40 units a second 80% accuracy.
  3. Each unit is analyzed by hundreds of parameters.
  4. The product can be divided into any number of categories.
  5. The program "learns" the characteristics of the product independently.
  6. The program provides on- line reports and data regarding the quality of the product and sorting rate.
  7. The operator can change the definition of parameters in each category.
  8. The program can sort nearly any object, if the mechanical system is designed properly.
  9. The system is user friendly and easy to maintain. It is built modularly, with additional modules allowing a faster rate or larger volume.
  10. The sorting unit is an independent module that can be attached to existing systems.
  11. The machine is protected by a warranty, and is serviced by CrystalVision.