Crystal Vision

Automation and control systems for industry, agriculture and research

Revolving Lysimeters

Crystal Vision offers a unique implement for agricultural and environmental research in the fields of plant, soil and water sciences. The system is controlled and monitored by advanced software, "Crystal OPC," enabling collection, recording, analysis and display of relevant data in a user friendly and easily manipulated manner. We present a system for measuring plant development while creating identical conditions for each plant.

The system of Revolving Lysimeters is composed of 24 individual planters revolving on a "carousel." Each planter rests on a scale and is serviced by a computer controlled irrigation and fertilization system. The water balance of each planter is monitored including drainage water below the root system. Using different measuring equipment, it is possible to accurately follow the daily water usage of each plant throughout the day (and night) while controlling variables including irrigation and fertilization levels, salinity and more.

The system is fully automated and allows complete control of irrigation and fertilization regimens and data acquisition. The modular nature of the system allows the addition of measuring, monitoring and photographic equipment. The unit is supported by our technical team and the guarantee of Crystal Vision of Kibbutz Samar through remote access and service in the field when necessary.