Crystal Vision

Automation and control systems for industry, agriculture and research


Sample Projects:

Expanding the algae production plant at Kibbutz Ketura

Crystal Vision designed and established the expansion of the process control system at the algae production plant at Kibbutz Ketura in the interest of doubling production. The control system of the plant oversees the production process in its Entirety throughout all phases of the cycle from the sterile culture labs through the harvesting and packaging of the final product. The system is operated with the help of a comfortable, simple and understandable user interface.

Controlled ponds project for raising fish at Ardag

In light of a government decision prohibiting the raising of the Denis fish in enclosures in the Red Sea, Crystal Vision designed the control system necessary to grow the fish in pools on land. This system includes maintaining oxygen levels, temperature, water levels and more. Crystal Vision was also involved in designing controls for the automatic feed system.

Water and soil science research project at the Agricultural Research Institute at Gilat

Crystal Vision developed, designed, built and installed a system of 28 stationary and 24 revolving lysimeters. These systems were designed for carrying out controlled research in the field of irrigation. The system is unique in its intricacy. It is operated and controlled through a user interface (Crystal OPC) which was also developed by Crystal Vision. The system produces graphs and reports of various kinds for use in research. A similar system was built by us at the agricultural research center in Jordan.