Crystal Vision

Automation and control systems for industry, agriculture and research

Giant Planter- Lysimeter

Crystal Vision offers a unique apparatus for agricultural and environmental research in the fields of plant, soil and water sciences. The system is controlled and monitored by advanced software, "Crystal OPC," enabling collection, recording, analysis and display of relevant data presented it in a user friendly and easily manipulated manner.

The Lysimeter is a closed, computer controlled system composed of a large container situated on a scale and serviced by an automated irrigation system. Plants are grown in soil within the container just as they would grow in a field or orchard while water balance components including water collected from beneath the root system are monitored. Using diverse measuring equipment it is possible to accurately determine water requirements, while controlling variables including irrigation water quantity and quality. The unit is supported by our technical team and the guarantee of Crystal Vision of Kibbutz Samar through remote access and service in the field when necessary.


Products on the Horizon

Lysimeter for the Farmer

As a result of the scarcity of water for irrigation around the world and a fear of ground water pollution, Crystal Vision is developing a lysimeter suited to field conditions. It will be used as an information gathering tool by the farmer as a basis for making educated decisions about more efficient use of water and fertilizers.