Crystal Vision

Automation and control systems for industry, agriculture and research

Control and automation projects

Crystal Vision distinguishes itself with diverse abilities in the areas of process controls and automation. We design, develop and install user-friendly, automated solutions in a wide range of technologies and systems. Upon receiving the customer's specifications, we carry out the project from the earliest design stage, development and through the final installation. In many cases, a client will order a complete solution including software, hardware and electrical work.

The following is a list of our areas of expertise:

  • Computer programming
  • Developing user interface
  • Industrial automation
  • Process control
  • Creating suitable interfaces
  • Data collection, presentation and analysis
  • Maintenance and service
  • Consulting
  • PID control
  • Designing control systems
  • Upgrading control systems
  • Calibration
  • "Smart" tag systems
  • And more…..

We are highly qualified to provide tailor-made solutions for our clients. These abilities rest on many years of experience designing and building control systems in the areas of industry, agriculture and scientific research and on our unique, creative skills.

The following represents some sample projects:

  • A system for feeding fish automatically while monitoring growth rates
  • Design and building controlled research platforms for experimentation in plant irrigation and for marine research
  • Process control for industry and pumping stations
  • Automation for dairy operations
  • Data collection including printed reports for solar energy systems, precision agriculture and more.

An important part of our expertise, to our client's benefit, is our high level of service. We maintain a wide range of services to our clients in the Arava and Negev. We pride ourselves on quick, reliable and professional service.

Among our customers:

  • Ardag Fish Industry in the Red Sea
  • Southern Arava Water Association
  • Kings City Park in Eilat
  • Eilat sewage treatment plant
  • Ardom date packing plant
  • Algatechnologies algae production plant-Kibbutz Ketura
  • Yotvata Dairy
  • Hebrew University-Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
  • Agricultural Research Organization at Gilat
  • Southern Arava agricultural research center
  • And more….

It is possible to contact us for a consultation or complete solutions in the areas of automation and control for your existing systems or for new projects.